Working at LITARSA

We aim to develop a workforce that is diversified, dedicated and driven – at every level of our business. Find out more about our unique business culture.

Our culture of entrepreneurial

Our people think and act like entrepreneurs. We have built a culture that rewards dedicated people with a can-do spirit, who take responsibility, and who have the drive to be leaders in their field.

Operating with a diversified business structure, we can offer high levels of responsibility to the right people. So if you thrive on being accountable for your actions, join us.

We expect a lot, but we give a lot in return. We recognize and reward exceptional work. You can help us make a difference – as we source and market the resources that play such an essential role in everyday lives.

Our culture of career development

Taking responsibility means being willing to learn. We aim to give you the chance to develop skills, expertise and experience, following a clear career path – so you achieve career growth.

Our formal training and development aims to help you move forward in your career – and you also get valuable on-the-job experience from working with creative, experienced professionals in your field.

Our culture of safety

Safety is the number one priority in our workplace. When you choose to work for us, we work hard in return to protect your health and well-being.

Our  Safe-Work program helps give you the tools you need to stay safe at work – and help keep colleagues safe, too.

Our culture of diversity

We value and respect people from all backgrounds, and we are building a culture of diversity and inclusion.

This includes – but is not limited to – nationality, religious beliefs, thinking styles, gender, cultural identity, age and ability.

For example, we seek to attract women into the mining industry; and work to include and promote people from all backgrounds, including indigenous groups and communities local to our operations.

We welcome experienced professionals as well as graduates and those in the early stages of their career. We strive to offer a workplace free of discrimination and harassment.

Our culture of sustainability

We recognize that our work can have an impact on communities and the environment. We care greatly about our performance in compliance, environmental protection, human rights and health and safety.

With an attitude of openness and responsibility, you can help us to build positive partnerships with communities and make positive contributions to society.

If you are ready to meet our goals do not hesitate to contact us!